Art of Life enables personal growth in disruptive times

Today, the digital age is causing radical structural change in many areas, with many people facing major personal challenges.

Often the most important thing is forgotten: People! 

Above all, the yearning for the development of one's own potential and the desire for personal development, beyond dogmas and ready-made concepts. Therefore, the "Bokuseki" is the symbol of the Art of Life, an ink trace from the Japanese Zen tradition. It is the living expression of a present moment, unique and unmistakable. No ink trace is the same, but there are similarities and connections. Just like us humans and for this reason, in the Art of Life, we create a space: for personal growth, inspiring encounters and interdisciplinary inspiration.




The Art of Life is for dedicated people and leaders

→ who want to rediscover creativity, mindfulness and aliveness

→ who want to experience meaning and values in life

→ who want to lead a successful and professionally successful life




In order for lively encounters and personal growth to take place, certain personal prerequisites are necessary: curiosity, openness, readiness to get out of the comfort zone and take on responsibility.

Every student is a teacher - every teacher is a student


We approach important issues of interdisciplinary life (philosophy, psychology or management) or enable personal creative expression in completely new formats such as:

- Masterclasses : In the wonderful ARTHOUSE: KOLLITSCH, we combine management and art by engaging in interdisciplinary work on important life topics on various evenings and experiencing agile forms of learning. In meetings with other people from different industries, we enrich and inspire each other.

Learning journeys: offer wonderful opportunities to experience how agile forms of learning bring something new to the world. How an environment has to be created so that creativity and potential development becomes possible. 

- School of Life University : enables personal growth, anywhere and anytime. In our online courses we offer topics for the development of your own creative potential, mindfulness and aliveness.


Who are the founders of the Art of Life?

Founder und Director: Mag. Werner Sattlegger, many years of experience in the management of national and international organizations, executive trainer, author and body therapist (

Co-Founder: Mag. Manuela Sattlegger, many years of experience in the management, art therapist (

Operational Assistant Documention: Mag. Sandra Radinger

Multimedia Director: Mag. Christian Philipp, Multimedia Manager

Art Director: Benjamin und Walter Hösel, die Agentur Lux, winner of 11 CREOS 2016

Head of Advisory Board: Dr. Kurt Gasser, CEO USP, founder Gasser and Partner

Members of the Advisory Board:
Mag. Gert Wakonig
Mag. Michaela Pleschberger
MMag. Gudrun Ogris