Time to reflect

Art of Living

29thof july  - 2nd of August - Fidji Island


Many successful oriented people seek something beyond money and business results. Daily life got its rewards and social prestige. But a deep inner desire may emerge with a certain clarity: there something beyond in life. Either it could be the joy of a creativity, the inner bonding to lost feelings or the experience of connection. 


During the week, we will not follow a strict plan or concept in order to evoke certain results. But we do offer an energic bowl and a wide range of creative possibilities to get access to your inner child and creative power. 



  • Reichian Body Work 

  • Breathing and Streaming

  • Meditation

  • Creativ Process, C.G. Jung

  • Zero Point by Michelle Cassous



Fidji is among the most amazing places on earth and real spiritual realms. A perfect spot for personal development, human growth and getting connected. 



Manuela Sattlegger, Co-Founder Art of Life

 Werner Sattlegger, Founder Art of Life, Manager and Reichian Body Worker


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